Electric Pulse Back and Neck Massager

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Electric Pulse Back and Neck Massager is an advanced and new type of preventing and curing cervical spondylosis product that combining modern electronic science technology, long-term clinical experience and Chinese traditional medicine principle of supplementing qi and nourishing blood, promoting blood circulation and removing obstruction in channels, dispelling wind and relieving pain. It adopts streamlining circle design which accords with human cervical vertebra circadian curvature. The device adopts the benefits of low frequency electric therapy, magnetic therapy, far infrared therapy and vibration massage therapy to convert the high proficient energy fields to enter the deep issue fields of the body. During the whole process of treatment, Pulse Back and Neck Massager keeps the right physical body position all the time and provides a scientific platform for the right treatment of cervical spondylosis. You can enjoy the relax, efficient and comfortable poly-function system therapy with this device.


1. Beauty and scientific design based on ergonomics to fit any size neck.
2. Power is supplied by two 7th battery, safe and reliable 
3.low frequency electronic pulse, magnetic effect and loop pulling produce a high proficient energy fields.
4. 3D smart Full-Lamination can adjust electrode according to your neck size to make you be comfortable.
5. Use the 3 different automatic compound therapy modes with 3 different manual therapy modes and can meet all kinds of needs.
6. Built-in several healthy magnet can do magnetic therapy to adjust Yin and Yang and improve microcirculation.
7. With LED display, easy operation, clarity and more humanization.


Promote regional blood circulation, relax the regional muscles, eliminating inflammation, swelling, pains and fatigue. It has a good effect for cervicodynia, numbness of shoulder and arm, headache and dizzy.